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I will be taking photos of you and your new little one in the comfort of your home, primarily in areas with the most natural light - this often includes the nursery, general living area and master bedroom. Don't go crazy or stress about cleaning your house from top to bottom, but tidy up a bit in those areas so we can easily shoot without a lot of distraction. When I arrive, I will have you show me around so I can determine the areas with the best lighting, and where I feel we can best capture your family.


I suggest wearing neutral tones such as white, cream, tan, gray, light pink, or blue, as they photograph well. Pick outfits that you feel comfortable in, and avoid heavy patterns, bright colors or bold graphics. Make sure you coordinate outfits rather than matching completely. Layering with a sweater or button-down adds interest and texture. Shoes? Not needed unless you want them, as I will most likely be photographing you cozied up on your couch or relaxing together on your bed. Feel free to go barefoot, wear socks, or slip on some slippers. For some more wardrobe inspiration, you can check out my Pinterest board here


Set aside a plain white onesie for baby, along with a few of your favorite neutral swaddles. If you had a baby girl, feel free to have a few headbands on hand for us to use during the session. Since I focus on capturing authentic, candid moments with your little one, I don't typically photograph your baby with props, but if you have a special outfit or keepsake you wanted to include in some photos, let me know and I am happy to incorporate it. 



If possible, try to feed your baby right before your session begins. A full baby is a happy baby! I may suggest you raise your heat a few degrees to help keep baby warm and cozy if it's chilly outside. I am flexible and understand if baby needs to eat again or if we need to break and tend to a diaper or fussiness. In fact, I expect this - we will go at your baby's pace. 


Talk to older siblings before the session to prepare them for my arrival; let them know I will be coming to take photographs of the whole family and of the new baby. I fully understand how challenging family photos can be. I am used to this, and work with of children of all ages. I will aim to capture full family photos at the beginning of the session, so older siblings don't have to sit through the entire session. From experience, bribery works! A special snack or treat after photos is great incentive for most little ones. 


I want you to enjoy your session and have fun. With my lifestyle approach, I capture the candid, real, everyday moments between your family and the new baby. There is no need to stress about things going perfectly or a certain way. We will go with the flow, whether that means reading a few books with an older sibling, cuddling on the floor, or making a big pot of coffee with baby in tow. These moments are your special family moments, and I am exited to capture them for you. If you have your own idea or activity you'd like to include, please let me know, as I love customizing your experience to fit your unique family dynamic.

To get in touch regarding booking a newborn session, send me a note here so we can connect and discuss your session. 

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